Recruiting compiler writers... (Fotis Georgatos)
2 Oct 2004 01:17:59 -0400

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Recruiting compiler writers... (2004-10-02)
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From: (Fotis Georgatos)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Oct 2004 01:17:59 -0400
Keywords: question, practice
Posted-Date: 02 Oct 2004 01:17:59 EDT


this is the author of the Linux Coffee-HOWTO, whish is a document telling
the whole story of making coffee with Linux, written only for fun.

I am looking forward to get in touch with people that have experience
in writing compiler back-ends, in particular I want to work further
on the 5th chapter of the Coffee HOWTO, entitled:
"Building the Turing Complete Coffee Machine"

Suprisingly, some things said there have been tried in practice!

If anybody of you happens to be around in the SANE conference (Amsterdam/NL),
which takes place these very week, please beacon your presence ASAP!

all the best,

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