book on vectorization for multimedia extensions

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5 Aug 2004 14:17:05 -0400

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book on vectorization for multimedia extensions (Bik, Aart) (2004-08-05)
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From: "Bik, Aart" <>
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Date: 5 Aug 2004 14:17:05 -0400
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Posted-Date: 05 Aug 2004 14:17:05 EDT

Intel Press has published the following book on compiler
optimizations for multimedia extensions:

A.J.C. Bik. The Software Vectorization Handbook.
Applying Multimedia Extensions for Maximum Performance.
Intel Press, June, 2004.

The growing popularity of multimedia extensions has renewed
the interest in vectorizing compilers. "The Software
Vectorization Handbook" provides a detailed overview of
compiler optimizations that convert sequential code into a
form that best exploits multimedia extensions. Written for
compiler engineers and programmers of scientific,
engineering, and multimedia applications, this book details
essential techniques for improving software performance.
The primary focus is on the C programming language and
multimedia extensions to the Intel(R) Architecture, although
most conversion methods are easily generalized to other
imperative programming languages and multimedia instruction
sets. Topics discussed range from traditional data dependence
analysis and loop-oriented vectorization to more
multimedia-oriented alignment optimizations and vectorization
of straightline code. All presented optimizations are available
in the high performance Intel C++/Fortran compilers that support
automatic vectorization for the MMX(TM) technology and
Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE/SSE2/SSE3). The book also
includes guidelines on how to use the Intel compilers to take
advantage of multimedia extensions with a minimum of
engineering effort.

Aart Bik

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