Re: latex grammar (Hans Aberg)
3 Apr 2004 09:06:44 -0500

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From: (Hans Aberg)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,
Date: 3 Apr 2004 09:06:44 -0500
Organization: Mathematics
References: 04-03-099
Keywords: parse
Posted-Date: 03 Apr 2004 09:06:43 EST

"Lukasz" <> wrote:

>Where can I find grammar for latex so I can create parser?
>Thanks for any advices.

You can answers from the LaTeX mailing list (send an empty mail or one
with the only word "info" in the body to

From what recall, though, so did Leslie Lamport, who made the original
LaTeX, base the LaTeX grammar on the Pascal grammar, but as TeX does
not know how it and for other reasons, it has never been published. I
also think that the current LaTeX development team does not use an
explicit grammar for the further development of LaTeX. One really
needs a new TeX, with capability of checking grammars for that to make

So there is no guarantee that such a grammar will work parsing LaTeX. But
there might be some partial LaTeX grammars around.

    Hans Aberg

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