Basic "C++ like" Object macros in C

Jim Witte <>
26 Feb 2004 01:06:01 -0500

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Basic "C++ like" Object macros in C (Jim Witte) (2004-02-26)
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From: Jim Witte <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 26 Feb 2004 01:06:01 -0500
Organization: IU
Keywords: C++, C, OOP, question
Posted-Date: 26 Feb 2004 01:06:01 EST

    Does anyone know of a simple macro library somewhere for implementing
the syntactic sugar of basic C++ OO syntax in plain C? By simple, I mean:

1. class-method construction macros, so that
float myClass::aMethod(int a, ...) would epand to
float myClass_aMethod(struct myClass* thisPtr, int a, ...)

2. reproduction of the 'this' syntax - I can do this already

3. method-call syntax:
anObject:aMethod(5) expands to
myClass_aMethod(anObject, 5) where anObject is a pointer to an object

4. constructor syntax:
myClass:myClass(int a=5) expands to
void myClass_init(int a)

    I've found library (Kazlib) which implements some kind of
exception-processing mechanism in plain C, and I've made a few macros
to do some of the above, but I don't know much about C-macro writing,
and since you can't write polymorphic macros, I don't know how you'd
get a macro for (1) above to work with an optional return value and
(possibly) multiple parameters (other than the instance object

    As for the obvious question of why I don't just use C++ - the
professor won't let us (it's a data structures course), and I like a
challenge (although in this case it's probably just not worth the

Jim Witte
Indiana University CS

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