Re: Atomicity block

Les Cargill <>
13 Feb 2004 23:52:49 -0500

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From: Les Cargill <>
Newsgroups: comp.distributed,comp.programming,comp.compilers
Date: 13 Feb 2004 23:52:49 -0500
Organization: AT&T Worldnet
References: 04-02-022 04-02-047 04-02-100
Keywords: parallel, comment
Posted-Date: 13 Feb 2004 23:52:49 EST

Ken Hagan wrote:
> Les Cargill wrote:
> >
> > Ada has keywords for atomicity, but Ada didn't do very well in the
> > marketplace. Shame, it's a nice system.
> Perhaps someone should make Ada look like C. It can't be that
> hard, since it is only syntax. (I'm thinking of a full compiler
> like Cfront, though a pre-processor might be sufficient to get
> people interested.)
> (You know the sort of thing: curly braces, up-its-own-backside
> declaration syntax, overload the angle brackets for generics.)
> A "C-like syntax" certainly worked for Java (and C++ before it).

In the sense that a bowl haricut worked for the Rolling Stones...

> Of course, you'd have to give it a new name, such as Ada++, or
> else you'd never be able to market it to the great unwashed.
> (No smiley. It was borderline, but on balance I think this is a
> serious suggestion.)

I thnk there really ought to be a moratorium* on languages. I know,
horrors! but it's the Tower of Babel out there as it is...

*Nothing harsh, just a suggestion for the language breeders to
consider the birth control patch...
Les Cargill
[It's about 35 years too late. The last interestingly innovative
language was Simula in 1967, but that hasn't kept people from
inventing new ones. -John]

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