LR(k) parser generators generating code in C++

Gianni Mariani <>
8 Feb 2004 21:59:18 -0500

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From: Gianni Mariani <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 Feb 2004 21:59:18 -0500
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
Keywords: parse, question
Posted-Date: 08 Feb 2004 21:59:18 EST

I'm about to start a new project which requires a new parser and so
I'm interested in knowing what's happening/happened in the last 5
years in parser generator history. C++ is the language we will be
using for development.

I'm an old hand with lex and yacc but I really have not tocuhed them
for a few years. I remember a while back talk of an LR(k) parser
generator however checking out google has taken me to many stale

It seems like ANTLR is getting a lot of attention but I'm not as
experienced with LL parsers.

It also seems like many people are moving from LR to LL grammers and
I'd like to understand more about the underlying reasons for this.

It also looks like flex is moving somewhat slowly in the C++ support
area. The flex C++ API does not do what I would like it to do, any
news on lexical scanner generators for C++ would be appreciated as

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