Converting an LR(1) grammar to LL (exitsfunnel)
4 Feb 2004 21:57:09 -0500

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Converting an LR(1) grammar to LL (2004-02-04)
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From: (exitsfunnel)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Feb 2004 21:57:09 -0500
Keywords: parse, question
Posted-Date: 04 Feb 2004 21:57:09 EST


I have a very large YACC {LR(1)} grammar which I'm attempting to
convert to ANTLR which is LL(k). It makes heavy use of Left
Recursion. I'm able to convert some of the simpler pieces but some of
it is quite complicated. What follows is an example of the stuff I
can't figure out how to convert:

membrane B A
A C membrane D
gentle B A
A C gentle D

dimentia B E C
membrane B F C
F C dimentia H
F C membrane H
membrane B E C
E C dimentia H
E C membrane H

gentle B K
        membrane L K

A couple of questions then. Is it possible that the above (about
which yacc has no complaints) can't be converted to LL? If there is
an alternative LL grammar and anyone could point me towards some
strategies for dealing with the situation I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


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