Re: Looking for Earley PHD text.

Robert Knighten <>
14 Dec 2003 22:12:31 -0500

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From: Robert Knighten <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 14 Dec 2003 22:12:31 -0500
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Posted-Date: 14 Dec 2003 22:12:31 EST (Vladimir) writes:

> As at the moment I am working on some variants of Earley's algorithm I
> am looking for Earley PHD text (J. Earley, "An efficient context-free
> parsing algorithm", Ph. D. Dissertation, Carnegie Mellon University,
> Pittsburg, Pa., 1968). Unfortunately, there is not the test anywhere
> in Moscow. Could someone having this text send it me? I'll very
> appreciate your help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Vladimir.
> [I can't find it either. Since it's 45 years old, it'll only be
> online if someone scanned the typescript. He published an article on
> his parser in the CACM in 1970 which you can buy from the ACM in PDF
> form. See -John]

Like most old American Ph.D. theses it is available from UMI
( for a fee. You can download a PDF image from their
website. UMI is often the only source for old Ph.D. theses.

Robert L. Knighten
[I poked around UMI's web site. They have Earley's thesis, but it appears
that due to its age it's only available in hardcopy. Unless you specifically
need the thesis, I'd pay the ACM $5 and get the CACM article. -John]

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