Pascal to Bytecode on Embedded Processors?

"Matthias Thoemel \(VRP GmbH\)" <>
13 Oct 2003 00:17:00 -0400

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Pascal to Bytecode on Embedded Processors? (Matthias Thoemel \(VRP GmbH\)) (2003-10-13)
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From: "Matthias Thoemel \(VRP GmbH\)" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Oct 2003 00:17:00 -0400
Organization: T-Online
Keywords: Pascal, interpreter, yacc
Posted-Date: 13 Oct 2003 00:17:00 EDT


I want to implement a bytecode interpreter on an embedded processor.
The bytecode must be generated from a pascal file.

I decided to use bison to generate the pascal compiler. But I need a
freeware bytecode interpreter to run the bytecode generated by the
generated pascal interpreter.

Sounds a little confusing - doesn't it?

The target is to run pascal programs on embedded processors but to do the
compiling from pascal to anything on that processor too. It should look like
the embedded processor understands pascal directly.

Can anybody mail me a hint?

With best regards, Matthias
[Is the old pcode interpreter available? -John]

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