libdwarf compiled on windows

Torleif Sandnes <>
6 Oct 2003 21:26:10 -0400

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libdwarf compiled on windows (Torleif Sandnes) (2003-10-06)
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From: Torleif Sandnes <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Oct 2003 21:26:10 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: linker, debug, question
Posted-Date: 06 Oct 2003 21:26:10 EDT


I recently downloaded the source code for the libdwarf library and the
dwarfump tool, and tried to execute dwarfdump on an elf/dwarf object
file compiled with gcc on linux.

dwarfdump failed with the message:
./dwarfdump -l ../../../downloaded/object.o

./dwarfdump ERROR: attempting to print .debug_info:
attempting to continue.

I also tried to initialize the dwarf library, using the elf library.
The frst call to dwarf_next_cu_header() results in the same error:

My three questions are:

1. Is there a tool to produce dwarf debug information on windows.
        (I could not get cygwin's gcc to produce dwarf)

2. Does anybody know how to get the dwarf library to work on windows?
        Or does anybody have any conjectures on what the problem might be.

3. Is there a well known, (and obvious ), problem with producing object
          files with gcc on linux running on an intel 386 comp. processor and
then parsing these object files using libelf and libdwarf compiled for,
and running on a windows i386 platform?


Torleif Sandnes

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