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K S Sreeram <sreeram@tachyontech.net>
20 Jun 2003 00:15:56 -0400

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From: K S Sreeram <sreeram@tachyontech.net>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c++
Date: 20 Jun 2003 00:15:56 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: C++, editor, question
Posted-Date: 20 Jun 2003 00:15:56 EDT


I am investigating available c++ editors which provide robust code
completion features, such as function,method,member completion.

None of the tools i have seem provide complete support for all c++
language features. Most of them fail when complex templates are used
like in the STL.

I have seem the following code completion systems:

1. etags based systems (such as vim and emacs)
2. visual c++ 6
3. visual assist plugin for msvc

Of the lot, visual assist seems to be better than the others, but none
the less, even visual assist leaves a lot to be desired.

My guess is that none of these systems implement a complete c++ compiler
frontend, which is required to be able to provide perfect autocompletion.

Does anybody know of other c++ code completion tools which provide full
support for all features?

Thanks in advance

K S Sreeram
Tachyon Technologies

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