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5 Apr 2003 15:09:52 -0500

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From: (andrew cooke)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Apr 2003 15:09:52 -0500
Keywords: books, comment
Posted-Date: 05 Apr 2003 15:09:52 EST


What are poeple's opinions on the realtive merits of these two books:

Modern Computer Design by Grune et al, and Modern Compiler
Implementation in Java, by Appel and Palsberg

I'm attracted to MCD (Grune et al) because I really enjoyed their
parser book (free download from
  On the other hand, I've heard good things about Appel's books (MCI -
one criticism of the Java version is that it's "not Java style", but
since I've used both ML and Java, I'd like to see what an ML
programmer can bring to Java).

I have quite a bit of programming experience (I've written a small
interpreter, just completed a parser for XPath, have used ML, Lisp,
Haskell, as well as programming for a living in Java) etc etc. So I'm
more interested in "deep" stuff rather detailed implementation.

Any comments appreciated,

[ Links to Amazon provided by your venal moderator:
Appel & Palsberg:

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