Re: Line numbers in COFF files ?

"jacob navia" <>
23 Mar 2003 22:24:10 -0500

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From: "jacob navia" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Mar 2003 22:24:10 -0500
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References: 03-03-130
Keywords: linker, debug
Posted-Date: 23 Mar 2003 22:24:10 EST

"Mick Mathers" <> wrote in message
> Are there any accepted conventions about what to do if there are more
> than 65535 line numbers in a text segment? Do linkers split the text
> segment into a number of sections?

Recently, I added to lcc-win32 (a C compiler system, see the capability of emitting line
numbers of 32 bits.

I did the following:
1) Modified the assembler to emit 32 bit line numbers
2) Modified the linker to read a flag in the object file debug information
telling it to see if there is 32 bit or 16 bit line numbers.
3) Modified the debugger to read 32 bit line numbers if the linker tells it


I did that in a customer implementation, and as far as I know lccwin32 is
the lone compiler under win32 that does this.

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