C/C++ Virtual Machine

Anthony Clay <adclay@ou.edu>
9 Mar 2003 17:40:57 -0500

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C/C++ Virtual Machine adclay@ou.edu (Anthony Clay) (2003-03-09)
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From: Anthony Clay <adclay@ou.edu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 9 Mar 2003 17:40:57 -0500
Organization: The University of Oklahoma
Keywords: C, question, comment
Posted-Date: 09 Mar 2003 17:40:57 EST

I've been toying with using java in a virtual machine, but the JNI
isn't fast enough for me at all....besides, I dislike the language
anyway. So I got to thinking, why isn't there an embedable VM for
ANSI C/C++. I want it to be pretty simple. I'll write a really fast
VM that implements a rather complete CISC opcode/command set. But
instead of writing a C/C++ compiler, just use the unlinked output from
GCC. But first of all I need a much greater understanding of object
files, the GCC compiler's architecture, and exactly how linkers work.

Does the compiler produce assembly or bytecode? can outputted object
files be converted to asm? Truely, I would simply like to be able to
compile C/C++ data structures/functions into assembly. Once that
happens, I can write a very "happy" Virtual Machine that I'm sure many
will enjoy. If anyone knows of web resources or books that can help
please reply :)

Anthony Clay

[GCC uses an internal scheme called RTL and outputs assembler. Other
compilers do other things. For info on linkers, I shamelessly recommend
my book. See http://linker.iecc.com. -John]

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