Turing Machine (C++ Implementation)

"Alex Vinokur" <alexvn@bigfoot.com>
21 Feb 2003 00:48:45 -0500

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Turing Machine (C++ Implementation) alexvn@bigfoot.com (Alex Vinokur) (2003-02-21)
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From: "Alex Vinokur" <alexvn@bigfoot.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Feb 2003 00:48:45 -0500
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Posted-Date: 21 Feb 2003 00:48:45 EST

C++ Implementation of a Turing Machine can be seen at :

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--------- Run Log (Demo) ---------

The C++-program simulates a Turing Machine (TM).
TM is defined by input files : metafile, states file, alphabet file, transition file, input word(s) file(s) :

1) Each row of metafile contains data related to some Turing machine
        (number of tapes, names of states file, alphabet file, transition file, input word(s) file(s)).
2) States file contains list of initial, halting and internal states.
3) Alphabet contains list of empty, input and internal symbols.
4) Each row of transition contains some transition rule.
5) Each row of input word(s) contains input word for some tape.

A Turing Machine example (Recognition of Palindromes) from
    'The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms [1976]' by A.V.Aho, J.E.Hopcroft, J.D.Ullman
    (See examples 1.8, 1.9)
    is used as a demo sample of Turing Machine.

      Alex Vinokur

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