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"pernils" <>
1 Dec 2002 22:43:03 -0500

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From: "pernils" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Dec 2002 22:43:03 -0500
Keywords: question, interpreter, comment
Posted-Date: 01 Dec 2002 22:43:03 EST

I have a project that will involve a small compiler. It's for a
control unit to a rototilt se

The script code will contain function as if ... and .... else ..

Does anyone have small code written in pascal that could how I will do

More info .....

The main program will be written in asm and placed in a processor in a
control unit. The customer will then be able to write a script
language and moved it as a paramter table into to the processor. The
users interface will be writen in delphi.

easy example of the idea of the script ..

If data1<100 or data1>200 then data2 = data1

The comparing function is no problem ( < > = <>) but don't know how I
will attach if ... and .... or function ..

Hope anyone understand what I meen ...

So if anyone have a small code written in pascal or information about
web page or something please contact me on ....

[There are plenty of freely available scripting languages, but all the
ones I know of are written in C. Is there some compelling reason you're
still using Pascal? -John]

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