Re: Handling Scope in a C Compiler

"VBDis" <>
25 Oct 2002 00:10:34 -0400

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From: "VBDis" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 Oct 2002 00:10:34 -0400
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References: 02-10-075
Keywords: symbols, C
Posted-Date: 25 Oct 2002 00:10:34 EDT

  "Bart T." <> schreibt:
>Holub ("Compiler Design in C") shows an interesting way of doing it
>with the symbol manager by creating a new scope level each time a
>block is entered and deleting all variables of that scope when the
>block is done.

If the variables are of "persistent" interest, then the information
must be stored in a persistent way (scope structure...). The lookup
table in the symbol manager then contains references to the persistent
symbol definitions, so that removing these references does not destroy
the information about the symbols.


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