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"Enzo" <>
24 Oct 2002 23:59:23 -0400

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Fortran Decompiler (Enzo) (2002-10-24)
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From: "Enzo" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Oct 2002 23:59:23 -0400
Keywords: Fortran, question, comment
Posted-Date: 24 Oct 2002 23:59:23 EDT


I would like to know if there are any fortran decompiler to have back
the source file starting from the executable. I am working on a code
of which I have lost the source due to irreversible hard disk failure
(and I didn't make any backup).

The code is some thousand lines long; I have written it with Compaq
Visual Fortran on Windows NT.

Since I will have to do again all the work if I don't find a way to
sort it out, any help would be useful, even if the results would be
partial or scarcely understandable (at least it would make the
rewriting faster).

thanks in advance
[I would be pretty surprised to find a useful Fortran decompiler. There
have been a few for C. See the archives. And now you know why some of
us back everything up to tape every night. -John]

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