Re: Debugging newlib library

"Ben Elliston" <>
24 Oct 2002 23:50:36 -0400

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From: "Ben Elliston" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 24 Oct 2002 23:50:36 -0400
Organization: Red Hat Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
References: 02-10-089
Keywords: debug
Posted-Date: 24 Oct 2002 23:50:36 EDT

>>>>> "Kapil" == Kapil Khosla <khosla@UDel.Edu> writes:

    Kapil> I am working on an embedded sytems project in which I have to
    Kapil> port the newlib library to a new architecture.

    Kapil> I currently use printf to do my debugging but is there a tool
    Kapil> to automate the If I have to see the flow of
    Kapil> fopen(), I want to be able to see that it calls _open_r -->
    Kapil> _open in the library.

GDB can do this, but there are a couple of prerequisites. Firstly,
GDB must be ported to your new architecture. Secondly, you would need
a debugging stub running on the hardware of the new architecture -- or
a simulator. You might find the simulator route easier. How are you
executing programs now?


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