Pike Conference 2002 Announcement

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15 Jul 2002 23:52:59 -0400

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Pike Conference 2002 Announcement jhs@pike.ida.liu.se (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Johan_Sundstr=F6m?=) (2002-07-15)
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From: "=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Johan_Sundstr=F6m?=" <jhs@pike.ida.liu.se>
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Date: 15 Jul 2002 23:52:59 -0400
Organization: CIS Dept, Linkoping University, Sweden
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Posted-Date: 15 Jul 2002 23:52:59 EDT

                                    Call for Participation and Contributions

                                            Pike Conference 2002 - Aug 22-24

                                                    Pike and the Semantic Web

RISE, the Research Center for Integrational Software Engineering,
Linköping University (http://www.ida.liu.se/~rise/), has agreed to
take over hosting, development, and maintenance of Pike, formerly at
Roxen Internet Software AB. Pike is a second generation Java-like
language, has a fast and reliable implementation, many killer
applications, and a well running open source development community
(http://pike.ida.liu.se/). Pike runs on most flavours of Unix, on the
Win32 platform and MacOS X.

Besides maintaining Pike a fast and reliable platform as it has been
in the past, a main RISE goal is to make it the first scripting
language for the Semantic Web. As a language, Pike is much better
suited for the Semantic Web than Java or C#, since it provides
multiple inheritance, sets, relations, and dynamic arrays. A second
goal is to embed software composition technology into Pike. In the
long run, Pike will be extended with modern concepts such as
connectors or aspects. This way, Pike will strengthen the RISE center,
whose mission is to develop practical composition and integration
technology for software components.

During August 22-24, 2002, RISE will host the next Pike User Group
Meeting in Linköping (http://pike.ida.liu.se/conferences/2002/). RISE
invites the Pike programmers all over the world to come to Linköping
and hear more about these exciting perspectives.

The meeting with the focus topic "Pike and the Semantic Web" will
reveal more about the future strategy of Pike.

- There will be workshops/discussions on various topics.

- There will be an opportunity for people to present papers on relevant
      give short presentations of projects etc. (Papers, abstracts and other
      material should be submitted in advance so we can schedule them properly.
      The tentative deadline is July 31 for such submissions.)

- A small fee will be charged for participation, to cover the expenses for
      organising the conference. The fee has not yet been determined, but will
      something like 20-30 Euro.

Read more about it on
http://pike.ida.liu.se/conferences/2002/. Welcome to Linköping!

Your Pike people at IDA

Uwe Assmann, Marcus Comstedt, Martin Nilsson, Johan Sundström, Leif Stensson.

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