Announce: JBurg, a Java-based BURG

"Tom Harwood" <>
4 Jul 2002 23:19:50 -0400

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Announce: JBurg, a Java-based BURG (Tom Harwood) (2002-07-04)
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From: "Tom Harwood" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Jul 2002 23:19:50 -0400
Organization: The World @ Software Tool & Die
Summary: A new BURG with non-transitive closures
Keywords: available, code, Java
Posted-Date: 04 Jul 2002 23:19:50 EDT

I'm pleased to announce that Macromedia, Inc. has released my R&D project,
JBurg, as Open Source under the Common Public License.

JBurg source (CVS and tarball) and docs are now available from SourceForge

JBurg is descended from iburg/lburg class BURGs -- the pattern-matching and
dynamic programming engines were initially programmed after reading
Fraser, Hanson, and Proebsting's "Engineering a Simple, Efficient Code
Generator Generator" paper.

JBurg offers a tool-like programming environment: JBurg specification files
contain reduction actions and a result stack that makes the code generator
specification more "grammar-like."

JBurg also supports complex transformational rules, which are more like
grammar rules that manipulate nonterminals than iburg's transitive closures.

The distribution contains JBurg's regression test, a very simple compiler
that compiles a toy language (TL/1) to bytecode; TL/1 is a parser, an AST,
and a code generator.

I wrote JBurg to fill a hole in the Java compiler tools chain: there are
good parse generators, and good instruction-level code emitters, but there
was a lack of tools to drive the emitter in the manner that lburg generates
assembly code for lcc.
Tom Harwood

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