Debug automatically with PARASOFT tools.

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20 Jun 2002 21:57:00 -0400

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Debug automatically with PARASOFT tools. (patrick chauvire) (2002-06-20)
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From: "patrick chauvire" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 20 Jun 2002 21:57:00 -0400
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Posted-Date: 20 Jun 2002 21:57:00 EDT

Hi ,

You might like to have a quick look at the latest Parasoft technology
in automatic software debugging available so that you can start
PREVENTING bugs rather than detecting them a week prior to release.
Have a look , try it out and see for yourself.

-C/C++: Insure++ (runtime error detection tool )
                        CodeWizard (automatic code review )
                        C++test ( automatic unit testing and coding standards

-Java: Jtest (automatic unit testing and code review)

-Web: Webking ( automatic website development and testing
                                                tool )

-Soap : SoapTest (automatic inter-module testing tool for
                                              enterprise systems)

-DataBase : Datarecon (automatic database verification and monitoring

Insure++ , featuring new detection mode: Chaperon.

  -Memory corruption and memory leak errors are extremely difficult to
find, often taking weeks (sometimes even months) to track down.
Insure++ detects these elusive,crash-causing errors in C/C++
applications. By using a unique set of technologies,including mutation
testing, Insure++ thoroughly examines and tests the code from inside
and out, then reports errors and pinpoints their exact location.
-Insure++'s latest technology--Chaperon--works with existing
executable programs. Chaperon does not require any recompiling and
relinking, or changing of environment variables.Chaperon is more
expedient. It checks all data memory references made by a process,
whether in compiled code, language support routines, or shared or
archived libraries. It also detects and reports reads of
uninitialized memory, reads or writes that are not within the bounds
of allocated blocks, and allocation errors such as memory
leaks.Insure++ also performs coverage analysis (TCA), clearly
indicating which sections of the code were tested. By integrating
Insure++ into your development environment, you can save weeks of
debugging time and prevent costly crashes from affecting your
customers.An Inuse add on is also available for memory monitoring.

                    The best way to significantly reduce debugging time and
increase software quality is to prevent errors from occurring during
the development process. One well-recognized method for preventing
errors is coding standards enforcement. CodeWizard prevents errors by
automatically enforcing over 328 industry-accepted C/C++ coding
standards. CodeWizard's flexibility makes it easy for you to choose
which rules are enforced and create custom rules that
apply to your own particular needs. By integrating CodeWizard into
your development process, you can prevent software errors, improve
code quality, and reduce debugging time.


                C++Test is a C/C++ unit testing tool that automatically tests
any C/C++ class, function, or component without requiring you to write
asingle test case,harness, or stub. With the click of a button,
C++Test automatically tests code construction (white-box testing),
tests code functionality black-box testing), and maintains code
integrity (regression testing). By integrating C++Test into your
development process, you can prevent software errors, increase code
stability, and automate the testing technique that is a fundamental
part of any Extreme Programming process.In addition to this C++Test
2.0 now also includes Codewizard in order to perform both static and
dynamic analysis on your applications.

J-Test, in addition to our new: JContract

              Jtest is an integrated, easy-to-use, automatic unit testing
tool for Java. It increases code stability, prevents software errors,
and automates unit-testing techniques including--for the first time in
software development history--fully automating black-box
(functionality) testing. Jtest automates this process by reading the
specification information built into your class with the DbC
language,then automatically creating and executing test cases that
verify the functionality described in the specification. Jtest also
fully automates white-box (construction)testing by reading your source
code and creating test cases automatically. In addition to this it
helps enforce over 300 industry-respected coding standards as well as
Design by Contract coding standards. This revolutionary new suite of
features seamlessly integrates these critical testing methods into
your development process, slashing debugging time and taking testing
to the next level.


                WebKing is a comprehensive development and testing tool
designed specially for dynamic Web site developers and testers. With
the click of a button, WebKing automatically exposes load,
construction,functionality, presentation, content, and design problems
on your site. WebKing's virtual users exercise and test your site
automatically, without requiring you to write a single script. WebKing
also provides an infrastructure that lets you automatically compile,
deploy, and test back-end programs and related output pages; this lets
you testearly, so you can spot critical problems before they become
widespread. Byintegrating WebKing into your Web development process,
you can prevent site errors, increase site reliability, and improve
the efficiency of your Web development process.


  SOAPtest is an automated inter-module testing application for
Enterprise Systems that can emulate both the SOAP client and SOAP
server. This allows for early module testing of applications that can
help you focus on error prevention rather than trouble shooting and
debugging late in the game. SOAPtest can emulate clients to verify web
services prior to deployment; and working as the SOAP server, it can
emulate critical services that are not available or cannot be accessed
during testing. For example, if you have a system that performs credit
card processing, SOAPtest can emulate the live system. This eliminates
the need to disrupt ongoing business transactions. SOAPtest's server
responses to client requests are returned in multiple layers. Errors
may crop up in the HTTP header, the SOAP envelope, or the response
content. SOAPtest notonly makes you aware of invalid responses, but
also can drill down to the specific layer responsible for the


- Automate Your Database Integration And Inspection Process !

DataRecon is an automated database verification and monitoring tool
that allows database design verification, data validation to prevent
data pollution, structural comparison tests for smooth transitions
from development to production, and the creation of regression test
suites. Additionally, it is a monitoring tool,allowing you to you to
build HTML reports that can easily be published to an intranet and
shared among users.

You can also visit our web site for more info at :

Patrick Chauviré
Phone: +33 1 64 89 26 34
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