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"Walter Misar" <>
7 Jun 2002 23:40:06 -0400

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From: "Walter Misar" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 7 Jun 2002 23:40:06 -0400
Organization: Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
References: 02-05-140
Keywords: syntax
Posted-Date: 07 Jun 2002 23:40:06 EDT

Julia Donawald <> wrote:
> I have written the following pseudo-code to built up a parse tree of the
> following sequence: [A] [OR] [B] [AND] [C]. I read in some books about that
> theme and create the following grammar:
> expr := factor | factor OR expr | factor AND expr
> factor:= letter | (expr)

> So I want that first the both left letters are considered and after the
> result of these both in connection with the next is calculated and so on...
> so maybe I want something like: more left, first considered.
> Maybe my grammar is wrong ( I dont need any priority of the operators ), or
> the code I wrote from it. But really dont know what I have done wrong.

You probably want the operators to be left associative. This can be
done by stating the grammar as:

expr := factor | expr OR factor | expr AND factor
factor := letter | (expr)

But from this grammar one can't directly build a recursive descent
parser. One can get rid of the left recursions via well known
transformations [1]. This will lead to something like:

expr := factor expr2
expr2 := | OR factor expr2 | AND factor expr2
factor := letter | (expr)

The recursive descent parser would look like:

expr() { return expr2(factor()); }
{ if (next_char == OR)
        return expr2(CreateOperatorOr(left_tree, factor()));
    else if (next_char == AND)
        return expr2(CreateOperatorAnd(left_tree, factor()));
        return left_tree;

Of course it isn't necessary to use two rules and recursion, instead
something like the follwing will work too:

{ left_tree = factor();
    while (next_char == OR || next_char == AND)
        left_tree = CreateOperator(next_char, left_tree, factor());
    return left_tree;

[1] for example see

Walter Misar

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