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"Christopher Glaeser" <>
2 Jun 2002 01:39:41 -0400

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From: "Christopher Glaeser" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 2 Jun 2002 01:39:41 -0400
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
References: 02-05-164
Keywords: C, parallel
Posted-Date: 02 Jun 2002 01:39:41 EDT

> Does anyone have book reference or link about SIMD compiler ?

About ten years ago I developed a SIMD C compiler based on GNU gcc as
a consultant for Maspar. The language was MPL. Unfortunately, I
don't have copies of the User Guide or implementation, but I think you
can find it with a little searching (google search Maspar MPL).

The SIMD exentions to C were powerful and expressive, and at the same
time quite intuitive and easy to learn. In addition to supporting
SIMD data types, the language also supported SIMD control flow (if,
for, while, switch, break, continue, function calls, etc). I would
encourage you to review this work if you are planning to develop a
SIMD compiler. If you are unable to locate a copy of the MPL
compiler, let me know and I'll see if I can locate a copy for you.

Christopher Glaeser

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