HLA v1.37 is now available

"Randall Hyde" <rhydemscs@aol.com>
8 May 2002 00:18:21 -0400

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HLA v1.37 is now available rhydemscs@aol.com (Randall Hyde) (2002-05-08)
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From: "Randall Hyde" <rhydemscs@aol.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 May 2002 00:18:21 -0400
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Posted-Date: 08 May 2002 00:18:21 EDT

HLA v1.37 is now available on Webster.
(http://webster.cs.ucr.edu and, specifically,

HLA (the High Level Assembler) is a language system designed to
rapidly teach assembly language programming to newcomers who are
already familiar with a high level language like C/C++, Java,
Pascal/Delphi/Kylix, Visual Basic, etc., by leveraging their high
level language programming knowledge. It is especially useful for
college and University instructors who need to teach an assembly
language programming course (the companion text "The Art of Assembly
Language Programming" is also available on Webster).

HLA is also one of the most powerful and feature-laden assemblers
available for the x86 platform. HLA allows advanced programmers to
write extremely sophisticated programs in assembly language that they
would normally write in a high level language.

HLA v1.37 adds support for 128-bit arithmetic throughout the compiler.
(This, for example, provides the necessary infrastructure to handle
the upcoming 64-bit versions of the x86 processor family, e.g., the
AMD Hammer series; it also makes it a whole lot easier to write 32-bit
programs that manipulate multi-precision objects.) HLA v1.37 also
adds several new "type-transfer" functions that allow you to relax
type checking in compile-time objects and treat those constants as
strings of bits, regardless of the underlying type.

HLA v1.37 is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. Programs
written with HLA (using the HLA Standard Library) are portable between
the two systems with nothing more than a recompile.

HLA is fully supported by nearly 500 pages of reference documentation.
Also, there is an HLA version of "The Art of Assembly Language
Programming" for both Windows and Linux as well as hundreds of
additional pages of HLA-related information on Webster

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