Re: MMX/3Dnow!/SSE/SSE2 compilers

Andrew Richards <>
23 Apr 2002 23:44:00 -0400

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From: Andrew Richards <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 23 Apr 2002 23:44:00 -0400
Organization: blueyonder (post doesn't reflect views of blueyonder)
References: 02-04-126
Keywords: optimize, architecture, comment
Posted-Date: 23 Apr 2002 23:44:00 EDT


Curtis and Disa wrote:
> What compilers support any of the MMX/3Dnow!/SSE/SSE2 instruction sets
> (and optimize code for them)? Do you know of any published
> comparisons of such compilers?

Ours do! :-) We have some comparisons, but they are mainly based on
image and sound processing. We sell to game developers, mostly.

Don't expect these instruction sets to give a significant speed
improvement on standard benchmarks - all the instructions are quite
specifically designed for media processing, where speed improvements
go up to a factor of 4 (and we have found some people have got very
large performance improvements on some software, around 20% is more

Intel also do a compiler which does well on scientific code.

Quite a few other compilers support intrinsics for MMX/3DNow etc., but
that requires writing non-portable code for specific processors.

> - Eythor

Andrew Richards

Tel: +44 (0)20 7482 3382
140-142 Kentish Town Rd, London, NW1 9QB
[I was under the impression that people usually use these vectorish
instructions via libraries more than via in-line code. -John]

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