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13 Apr 2002 23:05:31 -0400

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From: (Hans Aberg)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Apr 2002 23:05:31 -0400
Organization: Mathematics
References: 02-04-069
Keywords: parse, functional
Posted-Date: 13 Apr 2002 23:05:31 EDT

"Steve Vernon" <> wrote:
> Working on a compiler compiler for my third year project, I am
>experimenting with one that should handle any grammar by getting
>combinations of the input tokens...
> If the tokens are say:
> [if,true,then,somecode,else,somecode]
> The algorithm (in Java hopefully) would return all combinations, given
>the number of splits this rule has. So for example with 2 splits:
> [[ [if],[true,then,somecode,else,somecode] ] ,
> I have made one, but it is very slow for even small inputs.
> Does anyone have any ideas or knpow of any URL's that would be helpful.

I know that such parsers that produce all the combinations have been
used by the Haskell people For example, the
Mini-Prolog that comes with Hugs uses such a parser, and I recall
Wadler wrote some papers with parser monads (though I do not recall
which ones). (You might inquiry in the Haskell mailing list.)

It is very slow, though: I translated the above mentioned Mini-Prolog
into C++, and it was about as slow as when interpreted by Hugs. Then I
changed the parser to a Flex/Bison generated lexer/parser, and all of
a sudden, it was lightning fast!

So it seems that once one steps off the road of deterministic parsers,
one should not count on high speed. (This is a theme in Tomita
parsers, etc: Trying to make non-deterministic parsers that still are
fairly efficient.)

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