post-docs in compiler construction?

Ralph Boland <>
6 Apr 2002 23:50:40 -0500

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post-docs in compiler construction? (Ralph Boland) (2002-04-06)
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From: Ralph Boland <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Apr 2002 23:50:40 -0500
Organization: University of New Brunswick
Keywords: question, courses
Posted-Date: 06 Apr 2002 23:50:39 EST

I am currently completing a post-doc where I am doing research largely
in the area of my Ph.D. research area which is computational geometry.

However, while doing my Ph.D. and post-doc I was also doing some
research on how to generalize LR based parser generators so as to
build parsers that parse a much larger class of languages efficiently
(in time proportional to the size of the input).

My intent is to build a parser generator that is powerful enough and
easy enough to use that it will replace most of
  the currently available parser generator tools.
One of the interesting things that I claim my parser
generator can often (but not always) do is detect that a grammar is ambiguous.

My research on this problem has reached to point that I am confident
of success. Thus, instead of starting an assistant professor position
as originally planned, I am considering doing a second post-doc but
this time doing parsing research instead of computational geometry.

Can anyone point me in the direction where I might aquire knowledge
of any such open post-doc positions?


Ralph Boland

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