Re: alias analysis in gcc (Jason Lee Eckhardt)
18 Jan 2002 21:05:51 -0500

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From: (Jason Lee Eckhardt)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Jan 2002 21:05:51 -0500
Organization: Rice University, Houston, TX
References: 02-01-078
Keywords: analysis, GCC
Posted-Date: 18 Jan 2002 21:05:51 EST

You will have more success asking on the gcc discussion mailing list for
gcc-related questions. There are numerous gcc developers that lurk there who
can give detailed information about gcc's analyses and passes.

There is reasonable documentation available for porting gcc, but docs
about the analyses and optimization passes are rare. You'll have to
take some initiative and start browsing the source.

As an aside, you may wish to consider using the Open64 (formerly SGI Pro64)
compiler for researching new optimizations. Despite its' many warts, the
compiler has a significantly larger set of analyses and optimizations than
gcc. For mailing lists and other information, see:

Unfortunately, Open64 also has a lack of documentation about the source code.

Finally, there are numerous other compiler research infrastructures that may be
more well-suited to your needs -- especially if you want to avoid that
inevitable nasties of "production quality" compilers like the two above.

  sumesh <> wrote:
> I am new with gcc source code . I am trying to build an power
>optimization for pointer variables . Any pointers as to where in gcc is the
>alias analysis done And how Can I Use It .

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