The GOLD Parser v1.0 Beta 20 was just released! (
14 Jan 2002 02:03:40 -0500

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The GOLD Parser v1.0 Beta 20 was just released! (2002-01-14)
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Date: 14 Jan 2002 02:03:40 -0500
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Posted-Date: 14 Jan 2002 02:03:40 EST

Version 1.0 Beta 20 was just released January 11, 2002!

The GOLD Parser is a new parser generator which, like the
classic YACC development tool, can be used to create customized
parsers. Also like YACC, this tool will always be free.

Essentially the GOLD Parser exists in two distinct parts: The Builder
and the Engine. The Builder is used to take a description of a grammar
and produce the DFA and LALR state tables. This information is then
saved to a file and later use with the Engine - which contains the
actual parse algorithms.

Please visit the GOLD Parser website at

In version 1.0 Beta 20 the following changes have been made:

* Added the 'TrimReductions' property to the Engine. When
    enabled, the Parser Engine will remove unnessary reductions
    from the parse tree. As a result, the tree will be both
    smaller and less memory intensive.

* Added the 'Log Read Tokens' item to the Test Window menu.
    When selected, the Test Window will display all the tokens
    read from the source; otherwise, only Reductions will be
* The GOLD Parser help is now online.

* Added Java and C# to the Enumerated Constants Window.

* Major update! The time needed for the Engine to perform
    'garbage collection' was greatly improved. When a large
    number of reductions were created, the system would take a
    long time during garbage collection - nearly hanging the
    system. The system was taking O(nē) operations to clear the
    parse tree rather than O(n) operations.

* Increased the default size of the Test Window.

* Rearranged the menus in the Test Window. The menus are now
    organized by File, Behavior and Display.

* The Test Window will no longer display very large parse trees.
    The TreeView control that is used to display the tree cannot
    handle excessive amounts of data.

* Fixed a bug in the DFA table construction. The Builder was
    creating case-sensitive DFA tables for case-insensitive
    grammars and vice versa. The problem occurred when the
    Builder added support for the Unicode characters from #160
    to #255. This bug only occurred in version 1.0 Beta 19.

- Devin Cook

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