Re: Indirect threading other than GCC?

Nicholas Geovanis <>
11 Dec 2001 21:36:15 -0500

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From: Nicholas Geovanis <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Dec 2001 21:36:15 -0500
Organization: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, US
References: 01-12-034 01-12-037
Keywords: architecture, performance
Posted-Date: 11 Dec 2001 21:36:15 EST

...Having looked at the threading-performance info on your
website a bit...

Tell me whether I understand the Pentium indirect-threading performance
penalty which you documented in 1995: An I-cache miss causes cache
invalidation for *both* I- and D-caches, which means that with a "normal"
(unoptimised) indirect-thread implementation each cache would be
invalidated, flushed and filled twice for *each and every* thread "jump".
Do I have that right? This was only on the original Pentium?

Thanks...Nick G, who once wrote an indirect-threaded Forth 79
                                  interpreter for the IBM/370 running VM/CMS ;-)

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