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7 Dec 2001 23:39:32 -0500

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GOLD Parser version 1.0 Beta 19 update! (2001-12-07)
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Date: 7 Dec 2001 23:39:32 -0500
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Posted-Date: 07 Dec 2001 23:39:32 EST

The GOLD Parser version 1.0 Beta 19 is now available!

The GOLD Parser is a new parser generator which, like the
classic YACC development tool, can be used to create customized
parsers. Also like YACC, this tool will always be free.

Please visit the GOLD Parser website at

This new version now supports the Unicode characters from #160 to #255
as well as resolve a number of bugs in the previous version.

The changes are as possible:

* The Unicode characters from #160 to #255 are now supported.

* The Test Window now has a column which displays the current
    line number.

* The Test Window now automatically creates a default filename
    for the test file.

* Test files can now be dragged and dropped on the Test Window.

* Fixed a user-defined character set bug in the Builder. When
    constructing user-defined sets, the system would not add the
    horizontal tab, vertical tab, form feed, or line feed characters.

* Fixed a block comment related bug in the Parser Engine. The
    gpMsgCommentError message was not being generated for runaway
    block comments.

* Fixed a parse bug in the Parser Engine. The bug only effected
    grammars that were (1) Case Sensitive and (2) have reserved words
    containing uppercase characters. In these cases, the Parser
    Engine was not able to recognize the reserved words.

* Fixed a file load bug in the Parser Engine. The OpenFile() method
    did not correctly setup text streaming from the specified file.

- Devin Cook

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