Re: loop optimizations on c programs (Dong-Nam Kang)
29 Nov 2001 23:09:29 -0500

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From: (Dong-Nam Kang)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 29 Nov 2001 23:09:29 -0500
References: 01-11-114
Keywords: C, optimize
Posted-Date: 29 Nov 2001 23:09:29 EST

newsreader_at_gt <> wrote
> Has Anyone Tried To Implement Loop Optimizations
> In The C Source Program ( Source To Source Transformations) ?
> If yes , wat r the issues encountered and wat is the approach ?


Exactly I just have just some idea about this... ^^;;;
But, I have someting to advise you.

Most of all, I recommand you search WEB site with "Loop Unrolling". I
think that is good keyword for your qustion, and you will find a good

Second, You can reference Computer Architecture book like a "Computer
Architecture a Quantitative Approach" - J. L. Hennessy & D.
A. Patterson. Chapter 4 in this text book -Advaned pipeling and
Instruction Level Parallelism- is seems like a same qustion what you
have.(this chapter also deal with Loop Unrolling" last one, You can
find a main idea about Loop Optimization in the Dragon Book. As you
know, it's too old, But it will be the bible for the student who study
Compiler and someone who interested in Compiler.

But You know, I think a Loop Optimization have a great tread off
between Speed and Memory.

sorry for my poor English...
Thank and have good day.

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