Re: Runtime "learning"

Thant Tessman <>
5 Nov 2001 00:09:39 -0500

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From: Thant Tessman <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Nov 2001 00:09:39 -0500
Organization: XMission
References: 01-10-133
Keywords: parse
Posted-Date: 05 Nov 2001 00:09:38 EST

Doru-Catalin Togea wrote:


> What I am asking for is: Is there any tool which can take me a step
> further? Can it build an EXECUTABLE file, which, AT RUNTIME, learns
> a language by reading its grammar, and thus becames able to
> recognize (and take actions based on) sentances in that language?

Out of curiosity, do you plan on somehow dynamically building new
actions to associate with new productions? This is something I can't
imagine being easy in any non-functional programming language. And
without this ability, I have a hard time imagining how dynamically
modifying a grammar would be useful. Changing whether or not something
is considered a keyword by the lexer at runtime doesn't require
modifying the grammar itself, does it?

Also, what do you want to happen if a new production introduces an
ambiguity into your grammar?


[These problems were also solved 25 years ago. -John]

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