looking for C pre-processor

"Denis Gurchenkov" <dgurchenkov@excelsior-usa.com>
5 Nov 2001 00:07:57 -0500

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From: "Denis Gurchenkov" <dgurchenkov@excelsior-usa.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c
Date: 5 Nov 2001 00:07:57 -0500
Organization: Excelsior LLC
Keywords: C, question
Posted-Date: 05 Nov 2001 00:07:57 EST

Dear All,

Could somebody point me to a C pre-processor that is provided with
source code? It NEED NOT BE FREE - our customer agrees to pay for it.
The most important properties are product quality and

I would be thankful for any information, including "have never seen
such a thing" messages ;-)

P.S. I'm aware of GCC and lcc.

Thank you,

Denis Gurchenkov
E-mail : dgurchenkov@excelsior-usa.com
Tel : +007 3832 39 78 24 x106

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