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30 Sep 2001 22:40:01 -0400

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From: isterin@hotmail.com (isterin)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Sep 2001 22:40:01 -0400
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Keywords: parse, SQL, question
Posted-Date: 30 Sep 2001 22:40:01 EDT

I am trying to develop an SQL parser, which creates a multidimensional
data structure based on SQL. My question is regarding the
parenthesised precedence. I am having problems doing this from
scratch, though have a few things in mind. I am doing this in Perl,
if it matters, though the concept is what I really need.

One way would be to parse go through the character array and based on
the parentheses level, dynamically increase the data structure, etc...
Just the concept.

Another would be to keep spliting the string based on lowest
precedence and keep going until the highest precedence is reached.

I am trying to conform to SQL92, though above is my main problem.

Does anyone know of any resources, example, ideas that I should look
at. For example what is the concept behind parsing paranthesised SQL,

Please help. I would really appreciate any pointers.


[SQL isn't that hard to parse using tools like yacc. There's a parser I
wrote for an older version of SQL in the archives that you can start with.

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