Preprocessor suggestions (Waverly)
16 Sep 2001 00:34:12 -0400

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From: (Waverly)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Sep 2001 00:34:12 -0400
Keywords: C, question
Posted-Date: 16 Sep 2001 00:34:12 EDT

I'd like to start a translator program from C to a much less
expressive language. My first step would be to modify the c
preprocessor so that it doesnt swallow up the comments. Anyone see a
problem with trying to do this. This will be a first for me so I don't
have any insight into potential pitfalls.

Can you treat a comment as though it were a token?

Also in reading the Fraser & Hanson's Retargetable compiler book, the
preprocessor is almost non-existent. Does the preprocessor handle
trigraphs? Is it ANSI compliant or would it be pre-ANSI?

Novice at the wheel.


[Leaving comments in the preprocessed code is easy enough, but keeping
comments in a parser is surprisingly tricky. My usual advice is to
have a comment field on each token structure and hang comment text on
the preceding or following token. -John]

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