Choosing a Compiler-Compiler

"Eric Tetz" <>
21 Jun 2001 03:10:15 -0400

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From: "Eric Tetz" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Jun 2001 03:10:15 -0400
Organization: Cisco Systems Inc.
Keywords: tools, question, comment
Posted-Date: 21 Jun 2001 03:10:14 EDT

There seems to be a huge number of compiler-compilers. Does anyone
know where I can find objective comparisons? I have found several
catalogs, which list names and descriptions, but none that compare or
rate them. Have very little of knowledge of compiler technology, so
knowing that one generates LALR parsers and another generates LL
parsers doesn't help me much. Which generates the smallest code?
Which generates the fastest parsers? Which provides the best error
recovery? Which are most commonly used?

Anyone know where I can find that kind of information, without
personally downloading, building/installing, and evaluating 50
different compiler-compilers? My purpose is to generate 'small
languages' for use within larger applications written in Java. I have
used YACC for this purpose in the past (with C++ apps).

[This has been discussed frequently in the past. Visit the archives.

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