[ANN] PasScript v5.0: Handling Windows Messages

"Alexander Baranovsky" <ab@virtlabor.donbass.com>
4 Mar 2001 01:52:02 -0500

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[ANN] PasScript v5.0: Handling Windows Messages ab@virtlabor.donbass.com (Alexander Baranovsky) (2001-03-04)
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From: "Alexander Baranovsky" <ab@virtlabor.donbass.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Mar 2001 01:52:02 -0500
Organization: Donbass Internet Center DIPT
Keywords: Pascal, available
Posted-Date: 04 Mar 2001 01:52:02 EST

New version of the PasScript allows you to handle Windows messages directly
in a script.

Click here to see demo:


PasScript is an interpreter of a vast subset of the Object Pascal language
which includes ordinal, real, variant, procedural, pointer, file, record,
array and class types, allows modular programming on the basis of units and
ensures exception handling. This subset was extended by the Poly data type
that allows you operate with dynamic data structures (lists, trees, and
more) without using pointers.

The interpreter allows you to to control an OLE Automation server and call
routines defined in a DLL directly.


1. Handling Windows messages.
2. Packed records, arrays and classes.
3. More fast compilation related to the const section.
4. More compact pb-file (binary p-code file).
5. In difference from previous versions, PasScript v5.0 is a GUI

Direct link to download the PasScript interpreter:
http://virtlabor.chat.ru/downloads/passcript.zip (Win95/98/2000/NT,
freeware, 386Kb).

Thank you.

Alexander Baranovsky,
VIRT Laboratory

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