Announcement: new T3X compiler and IDE

Nils M Holm <>
27 Aug 2000 22:20:51 -0400

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Announcement: new T3X compiler and IDE (Nils M Holm) (2000-08-27)
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From: Nils M Holm <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Aug 2000 22:20:51 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
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T3X -- A Minimum Procedural Language, Release 6.7
TIDE -- T3X Integrated Development Environment (Beta)

T3X is a small, portable, procedural, block-structured, recursive,
almost typeless, and to some degree object-oriented programming
language. Its syntax is similar to Pascal and BCPL, but simpler.

The reference target of the compiler is a 16-bit bytecode machine.
Native code backends for 8086 and 386-based processors exist.

The DOS/EXE backend runs even on FreeBSD, so T3X may be used for
cross-compiling DOS programs.

TIDE is a simple full-screen (text mode) IDE for T3X.

Precompiled T3X and TIDE packages for FreeBSD and DOS, the full
compiler source code, a language manual, and some additional tools
may be downloaded at

The compiler is distributed under a BSD-style license.


FreeBSD 3.x (ELF) [probably works on 4.x, too]
FreeBSD 2.x (a.out)
Generic (bytecode only)

The core language (except for the dynamic loader interface) should
be very easy to port to any platform providing a K&R C compiler.


+ Static arrays are first-class objects.

+ The array syntax allows to define even complex structures

+ Members of in-line arrays may be computed at compile time
    (increasing efficiency) or run time (increasing flexibility).

+ Separate compilation is implemenetd using a simple object-
    oriented approach which is solely based upon classes, objects,
    and messages.

+ There is a strict order of evaluation in nested procedure


+ Modular compiler with separate translator, loader, optimizer,
    and native code backends

+ Small size (The DOS compiler + full documentation + IDE fits
    on a single 1440K floppy.)

+ Portable bytecode interpreter in K&R C

+ Bytecode loader, optimizer and dead procedure filter

+ Native code backends for 386 and 8086 family processors

+ Runtime support for FreeBSD (ELF and a.out) and DOS

+ Dynamic loader interface on FreeBSD and DOS (emulated)

+ Classes: I/O-streams, malloc()-style memory managament,
    string manipulation, TTY control (dynamically loaded), etc.
Nils M Holm <> --

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