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21 Aug 2000 00:10:08 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending August 20 (2000-08-21)
Compiler positions available for week ending August 20 (1995-08-20)
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Date: 21 Aug 2000 00:10:08 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
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This is a digest of ``help wanted'' and ``position available'' messages
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From: "Zhang, Yingwei" <>
Subject: compiler jobs at Intel
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 14:03:06 -0700

Location: Santa Clara, California

Title: Sr. Software Engineer

Position description:

Design and develop compilers for the next generation IA32
processors. Tasks will include working in the optimizer/code
generation group, devloping the latest scalar optimization,
interprocedural optimization and code generation. We are looking for
creative and self-motivated candidate. MS or PhD in computer science
or equivalent experience is required. The candidate must have
experience in compiler technologies, micro-architectures or
performance analysis.

Contact person:

Alice S Chan
email: <>
Phone: 408-765-1032
Fax 408-765-5165


From: "Brad Calder" <>
Subject: Entropia -- Building the World's Largest Computing System
Organization: Entropia
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 01:23:04 GMT

Entropia ( is building the first world-wide computing
grid, using spare cycles on computers in your home, office, or
laboratory as the computing nodes. Entropia has teamed up with premier
research organizations around the world to help solve some of the
greatest problems facing humanity, using only the idle time of these
computers. Entropia's network has been active since 1997, and we has
been one of the leaders in defining this new industry.

The following describes some job opportunities in the area of binary
rewriting, compilers, distributed computing, networking and low level
system programming at a new startup in San Diego.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Brad Calder,

Entropia: Power to Change the World

Entropia is a rapidly growing venture-funded startup developing
revolutionary technologies for Internet-scale computing systems --
millions of computers, teraops (10^12), and petabytes (10^15). We
have a world-class team (see below) of proven technical and business
pioneers! If you're looking for a technically challenging, high
impact job, involving the technologies of tomorrow, come and join the
excitement at Entropia!

We are looking for talented computer scientists with experience and
skills in:

- binary rewriting and modification
- systems programming
- low level programming
- distributed computing
- networking

and comfortable working on numerous platforms, including Windows
98/NT/2000, Linux, and others.

Opportunities at Entropia include competitive salary and equity
packages, unmatched excitement and technical challenge, all in San

To apply, send your resume or email to

About Entropia:

Entropia is a well-funded startup located in San Diego. More
information is available from Principals include

Dr. Andrew A. Chien, Chief Technology Officer. Andrew is a leader in
scalable commodity PC clusters (Fast Messages, HPVM), distributed
computing, parallel computing, and object-oriented programming.
Andrew is also the SAIC Chair Professor at the University of
California, San Diego.

Dr. Brad Calder, Director of Engineering. Brad is a leader in the
areas of computer architecture, compilation, and binary modification
tools. Brad was previously employed at Microsoft, Digital/Compaq, and
Tracepoint (a startup). Brad is also a professor at the University of
California, San Diego.

Dr. Larry Smarr, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board. Larry is an
international figure in high performance computing. He is the
founding director of the National Center for Supercomputing
Applications and the Alliance, and a member of the National Academy of
Engineering. Larry is now a professor at the University of
California, San Diego.

Dr. Forest Baskett, Scientific Advisory Board. Forest is a pillar of
the Silicon Valley technical community, a former Stanford Professor,
long-time Chief Technology Officer of Silicon Graphics, and venture
partner at New Enterprise Associates. Forest is a member of the
National Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Ian Foster, Scientific Advisory Board. Ian is a
pioneer of the Computational Grid. Ian is a visionary leader of the
Globus project and co-editor of the definitive book capturing the
vision "The Computational Grid: Blueprint for a Next Generation
Computing Infrastructure". Ian is an Associate Director of the
the Mathematics and Computer Science Laboratory at Argonne National
Laboratories and a professor at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Carl Kesselman, Scientific Advisory Board. Carl is a pioneer of
the Computational Grid. Carl is a visionary leader of the Globus
project and co-editor of the definitive book capturing the vision "The
Computational Grid: Blueprint for a Next Generation Computing
Infrastructure". Carl is a Senior Project Leader in the Information
Sciences Institute and a Research Professor at the University of
Southern California.


From: <>
Subject: Positions Available at HP, Cupertino
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 18:11:33 -0600

The following three positions are available with Hewlett Packard in
the Cupertino, California site, as of August 14, 2000. Thank you for
posting these on your group listing.

1) C/C++, UNIX Code Generation Engineer

Work as part of a team or as a team-lead in creating an Integrated Software
Development environment for HP C, C++ and Fortran development tools. Design,
implement, test, integrate and release improvements to HP's WDB debugger
product. These new WDB features will enable troubleshooting of large
parallel and distributed programs, support new OS, and new compiler
features. Work with third-parties to create a complete solution. Seek to
understand customer needs and work with customers in developing, testing and
releasing products. This position is located in Cupertino, California at
Hewlett Packard. If you are interested, please respond to and Reference Job Number: #686746.

Required Skills:
- BSCS with at least 2 years experience. MSEE also considered if with strong
software design/implementation skills
- Knowledge of Unix and NT platforms
- Exposure to system-level programming
- Programming and debugging skills in C/C++
- Knowledge of compiler design and construction
- Knowledge of software development lifecycle
- Good verbal and written communication skills
- Enthusiastic, drive

Desired Skills:
- MSCS preferred
- Commercial software development experience
- Ability to lead/mentor a small team of software engineers
- Ability to successfully deliver multiple assignments in a timely manner

2) UNIX Tools/Compiler Engineer

You will be a key member of the Internal and 3rd Party Tools team of Hewlett
Packard in Cupertino, California. As part of this highly visible team, you
will be responsible for improving the effectiveness of software development
tools used within the HP software labs. Our team is hosted in the e-Services
Development lab, with active participation from members of the target
labs.Team activities include identifying areas for tool improvement,
evaluation of alternatives, supporting other labs in tool usage, direct
ownership for specific tools, and working with outside vendors. You must be
able to translate customer needs into vendor requirements, work effectively
across projects and labs, and you must be able to technically master a wide
variety of software tools and build environments.
Likely initial assignments include:
-Help establish the Internal and 3rd Party Tools processes and methods.
-Enhance the Vulcan web page internal development tools system.
-Collaborate with customers to identify new tools opportunities.
If you are interested, please respond to and Reference Job Number: #685555.

Required Skills:
-BSCS or equivalent degree
-Strong customer focus
-Good C or C++ programming skills
-Experience developing software on a Unix system
-Understanding of source code control systems and build environments

Desired Skills:
-Experience developing compilers, linkers, debuggers, simulators or related
software on a UNIX system
-Experience with ClearCase
-Good Perl and scripting language programming skills
-Experience with a wide variety of software development tools.
-Experience working with technology suppliers would be nice.

3) Dynamic Instrumentation Engineer

Work in the fast-paced Dynamic Instrumentation project at Hewlett Packard in
Cupertino, California. Dynamic instrumentation is the ability to alter
program instructions at runtime to insert instrumentation code. This
technology is useful in developing runtime and performance analysis tools,
object code translators, dynamic optimization, etc. The cool thing about
this area is that it uses knowledge of operating systems (HP-UX, Linux),
microprocessor architectures (IA64), and compiler background (C/C++, Java,
Fortran). The team is very diverse with people from different parts of the
world who interact freely during work and outside work. So we work hard, but
also play hard.
You will be developing major portions of functionality in the product. You
will also get to participate in the software lifecycle of the product by
doing design, implementation, and testing of your own modules and
integration testing for the whole product. You will be responsible for
innovating in these areas, submitting patents, interacting with customers,
If you are interested, please respond to and Reference Job Number: #678005.

Required Skills:
- MS or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience
- Solid understanding of systems programming (operating systems, compilers,
web servers, JVM)
- Solid problem solving skills.
- Solid programming experience in C/C++ and software development processes.
- Strong communication (verbal and written) skills.
- Strong teamwork and people skills.

Desired Skills:
- Prior background in dynamic instrumentation.
- Prior industry experience in the form of an internship or equivalent.

Kim Forrester
eDL Technical Recruiter
Phone: 408-447-8785

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