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Bernhard Froetschl <>
10 Aug 2000 00:14:29 -0400

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Re: Retrocomputing Museum Progress Report ( (Bernhard Froetschl) (2000-08-10)
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From: Bernhard Froetschl <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc
Date: 10 Aug 2000 00:14:29 -0400
Organization: Inst. f. Informatik, FU Berlin
References: <001301bfffb9$7f648530$>
Keywords: history

Dear Eric S. Raymond,

In 1994 you wrote in the news article
the following sentences:

> plankalkul (Eric S. Raymond)
> An implementation of the very first high-level computer language
> ever, Zuse's Plankalkul for the Z-3. I'll write this if I get
> enough docs on the language to do it, and Matthias Neeracher is
> working on that

In the meantime our work group implemented plankalkül, more infos

A PK-Editor - implemeted as a java applet - can be tested online under

The programs can be directly used in the PK-Compiler (also a java-applet) under


Bernhard Froetschl
Member of the work group "Konrad Zuse Internet Archive"

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