Announce: aiSee automatic layout of compiler graphs

Christian Ferdinand <>
4 Aug 2000 15:56:45 -0400

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Announce: aiSee automatic layout of compiler graphs (Christian Ferdinand) (2000-08-04)
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From: Christian Ferdinand <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 4 Aug 2000 15:56:45 -0400
Keywords: tools, available

aiSee 2.0 graph visualization software available

aiSee automatically calculates a customizable layout of
graphs specified in GDL (graph description language). This
layout is then displayed, and can be printed or
interactively explored.

When working with graphs and trees, visualization usually
provides for much better and faster understanding. aiSee
has been developed to visualize the internal data structures
typically found in compilers. Today it is widely used in
many different areas. Its design has been optimized to handle
large graphs automatically generated by applications
(e.g. compilers).

aiSee is based on VCG (Visualization of Compiler Graphs)
developed at Saarland University. (Version 1.30 of VCG is
available under the terms of the GNU General Public

aiSee runs under Windows NT, Windows9x, Windows 2000, Linux
and Solaris.

The evaluation version can be downloaded from

Private usage and academic research usage is free of charge.

Christian Ferdinand

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