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Dirk Zabel <>
30 Apr 2000 00:14:51 -0400

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Debugger Frontend (Dirk Zabel) (2000-04-30)
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From: Dirk Zabel <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Apr 2000 00:14:51 -0400
Organization: private LINUX site
Keywords: debug, question


I am using an embedded microprocessor (NEC 78C10), but could not get
any tools except compiler/assembler/linker, i.e. no ICE, no debugger,
not even a disassembler (I dont have the library sources either). So
I did write a simulator, which does not only simulate the cpu, but the
whole system, consisting of embedded peripherals like Timers/Ports...,
RAM, EPROM, EEPROM, RTC ...) [OK, its not all done so far, but quite a
lot and its useful already]

Now I want a nice debugger front end. The one I have now is not very
comfortable, a little bit gdb-like. My question is: is there any
debugger front end (hopefully with nice gui) available, for free or
$$, which I could use? GDB seems inappropriate, as I expect a lot of
hardware-related debugging, partially in assembler or even watching
the system on a bus-cycle-by-bus-cycle base. Of course I want to be
able to watch any simulated component, define breakpoints on events
like "powerline interupt not serviced for more than 100 us" or
similar. I think this is not possible with a primary source-code
orientated tool like gdb. If I cannot find a retargetable debugger (or
should I say Software-ICE), I will have to write one myself, so any
references (preferred online) are very welcome.

Thanks for help

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