Re: TenDRA 4.1.2 for WindowsNT
25 Apr 2000 02:09:32 -0400

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 25 Apr 2000 02:09:32 -0400
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 00-04-149
Keywords: UNCOL, C, C++

On 20 Apr 2000 01:38:28 -0400, Boris Boesler
<> wrote:
> Is there a WindowsNT port of the TenDRA 4.1.2 C/C++ compilers?

Sometime back, someone posted to comp.compilers that they had
successfully ported the TenDRA technology to the Windows platform. I
don't remember the details, however. The x86 support that I had
worked with when I was working with TenDRA at OSF worked on SCO and
any other SVR4 compatible platform. There may even be a Linux port.
The issue isn't in building the producer/installer components. It is
building the token definition libraries. The "standard" headers
supported by TenDRA include ANSI C, Posix, X11, and some other APIs
based on published standards. The Windows platform has only limited
suport for these APIs.

The TenDRA technology supports very little of the standard C++
library, so even though the compiler can support almost the entire ISO
C++ language, it is virtually useless without support for iostreams.


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