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Ken Foskey <>
16 Apr 2000 14:57:34 -0400

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From: Ken Foskey <>
Newsgroups: comp.lang.cobol,comp.compilers
Date: 16 Apr 2000 14:57:34 -0400
Organization: Waratah Computing Australia Pty Ltd
References: 00-04-120
Keywords: Cobol

Mark Rickan wrote:
> Does anyone have any insights/experience on options for parsing COBOL?
> I am working on a project where we will need to extract data file
> declarations and access these files using other applications using
> multiplatform C/C++.

I have one that handles the data division pretty well completely, in
cobol. I creates a cobol array of the definitions so that you can use
the information gained. It is freeware, you can use it but any
modifications must come back to the original source. Bug reports
accepted and corrected as well.

Compiles under Fujitsu V3 (available from

Ken Foskey

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