Compiler positions available for week ending April 16 (comp.compilers)
16 Apr 2000 14:56:59 -0400

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Compiler positions available for week ending April 16 (2000-04-16)
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Date: 16 Apr 2000 14:56:59 -0400
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From: "Jim Hargis" <>
References: <>
Subject: Pascal to C translation tool builder wanted
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 17:42:37 -0600
Organization: har*GIS LLC
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I am seeking assistance to convert a set of Delphi files to Visual
C++. I am migrating an existing Delphi application to run on Windows
CE. I understand the need for reengineering the GUI and for replacing
the VCL. My approach is to convert certain libraries to be a
single-source ompatbile" (hopefully ActiveX, at least DLL), with both
the Delphi host pc and the WinCE clients.

I desire to obtain a commerical product and/or services, including the
Delphi to C++ parser/emitter, runtime libraries, and VCL interface ,
as needed to translate, compile, build and execute my existing
applications and test programs. I am not interested in developing
such a parser/generator. You will need knowledge of Delphi and C++ to
provide products or services. We are expert in Delphi, but not
knowledgeable in C++, so semantic interpretation of the Delphi syntax
to C++ must be provided with the service, and a table of Delphi to C++

Following is a description of the project; please respond if you are

Source is Inprise/Borland Delphi5 Pascal, Windows 98 Platform. Class
library is Borland VCL (visual class library).

Target is Microsoft Visual C++ version 6, Windows 98 or Windows
NTplatform. Class Library is MFC and Windows CE SDK.

This is a one-time translation and there will be several additional
modules translated over time. The VCL information I use is limited to
the Graphics and Forms libraries. The object pascal subset I use
likewise limited: The code does not use interfaces, packages,
database, COM, ActiveX, Web, Variants, and many other advanced
features. But I use extensive graphics and forms interaction.

I have the following code base. If you have a program to calculate
lines-of-code, complexity measure, or function points, I can run it
against the source to give you info. Following is from the directory:

- Geometry folder: GeometryUnit, PolygonUnit, RRUnit, SymbolUnit,
TransformUnit: non-object Delphi being translated now by hand. 5
units, 282 KB source, 92 KB binary, 30% comments

- Draw Folder: : Delphi classes inheriting from TForm with several
Delphi controls 4 units, 210 KB source , 83 KB binary, 60% forms (.dfm files). Plus 3-4 forms for drawing onto.

- TestDrawFormUnit: Delphi application exercising all the methods in
the above. 3 units, 66 KB source , 43 KB binary, 672 KB executable
(with about 400KB of VCL library).

- Placer folder: 15 units, 233 KB source, 77 KB binary.

- Projections folder: 4 units, 230 KB source, in development

- Placer folder: 15 units, 233 KB source, 76 KB binary.

- Labeller application folder: 6 units, 4KB source, 37 KB binary.

- Interface folder: 3 units, 49 KB source, 15 KB binary.

- GridGeometry folder: 7 units, 69 KB source; 40 KB binary.

-Prototype folder : Delphi mapping/routing application using the above
plus other libraries. I don't have this info yet (on another

-GPS folder: 4 units, 113 KB source. In development.

-IO folder: 2 units, 29 KB source, 17 KB binary.

- Messaging folders: TestMessagingUnit, 16KB source, 16KB binary,

- TestMessagingApp, 21 KB source, 26 KB binary.

The translated result shall compile, build and execute correctly with
the appropriate test programs included in the translation. All
provided source will compile and execute correctly with Delphi 5. I
will want to translate future work currently in development.

I believe I need an existing commercial translator, with the parsing
and code generation tools as modifiable tables. The translator would
be an existing commercial product, not custom developed, and would be
supported on the Windows XX platforms.

I can purchase services for delivery of the above translated system.
together with the appropriate replacement for the VCL library. This cost
would be considered versus the cost of redevelopment or hand-translation,
which is currently underway.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to your response.

Jim Hargis
GIS Engineering

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