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"Dr. Andy Nisbet" <>
1 Apr 2000 14:09:44 -0500

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From: "Dr. Andy Nisbet" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 1 Apr 2000 14:09:44 -0500
Organization: Trinity College Dublin
References: 00-03-100
Keywords: optimize


I did and am still doing some work on genetic algorithm optimised
compilation. The project used GA optimisation for two different
targets i) parallel shared memory and ii) VLIW embedded systems. I
use a GA to optimise the transformations applied to a source program,
this work has mostly looked at loop transformations for scientific
programs, but there is no reason why it couldn't be extended to
machine code -- indeed there are some plans to continue aspects of an
EU project (OCEANS) which looked into interactions between high (loop)
level and low-level (assembler/machine code scheduling/generation)
transformations. There are some terribly out of date (aren't they all)
web pages on this work at
... I've since moved
to Trinity College, and this work is still ongoing here
Dr. Andy Nisbet, ORI.F.36, Department of Computer Science,
                Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Phone: +353-(01)-608-2336 FAX: +353-(01)-677-2204

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