Looking for advice on choosing tools to compare

Servilio Afre Puentes <servilio@comuh.uh.cu>
11 Mar 2000 13:30:13 -0500

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Looking for advice on choosing tools to compare servilio@comuh.uh.cu (Servilio Afre Puentes) (2000-03-11)
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From: Servilio Afre Puentes <servilio@comuh.uh.cu>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Mar 2000 13:30:13 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
Keywords: tools, courses, question


I am a student of Computer Sciences at the University of Havana. I am
currently working on my graduation thesis on a compiler deveplopment
environment. I am trying to include a study/comparison about other
tools available, their interfaces, and the enhancements (modifications
and/or extensions) to the theorical models (if any).

I have already made some searches, including one in the newsgroup
archive, and found many tools. I kept just those ones that showed
valuables upon a "hawksight" over their documentation (the overview,
then TOC if showed worth of going beyond).

The problem is that I don't feel sure about having choosen the most
relevant tools, and that even some might have been missed. The only
paper I have been able to access has been "Attribute grammars
paradigms -- a survey" by Jukka Paakki that was sent by the author to
my tutor upon his request.

The tools I choose were:
- Visual Parse++
- JavaCC
- ANTLR 2.7.0
- SableCC
- Mjolner 5.0
- Eli 4.3.0
- Elegant
- gentle-97
- pleuk
- Depot4

Could you give me some help on this, please? Which tools do you think
are the most relevants? Do you know about some papers freely accesible
on the net, either containing studies/comparisons of tools or
extensions/modificaciones to models?

I will appreciate any help you could bring me.
Thanks in advance
Servilio Afre Puentes


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