Re: Parsing SQL Data Definition Language

"Joachim Durchholz" <>
6 Mar 2000 23:48:18 -0500

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From: "Joachim Durchholz" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 6 Mar 2000 23:48:18 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 00-03-025
Keywords: yacc, Pascal, comment

John Salick <> wrote:
> I did find an old TurboPascal lex/yacc and ported the generated
> code, but I can't even get the author's example to work.

This is strange. It worked very well for me (years ago, so details are
a bit fuzzy).

> I have found VisualParse++ from Sand-Stone. Any comments. I was
> certainly hoping for something less expensive for a one time use.

You could try flex/bison. These are near-clones of lex/yacc but free
(and specifically don't infect your code with the GPL - the tools
themselves are under GPL, but the generated code isn't).

You could also try ANTLR or any other LL(k) tool; for a non-compiler
expert, it's probably easier to get the grammar right. You could even
use Accent, which will take *any* context-free grammar but won't warn
you if the grammar is ambiguous (and its authors report that it's slower
than other parsing tools - whether this is a factor depends heavily on
the fraction of time that your software spends parsing, and how
important speed is in the first place).

[Nit: flex isn't GPL'ed, it has a Berkeley style license. Berkeley yacc
does, to my taste, everything useful that bison does and is also not
GPL. -John]

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